Gwenlyn Tiedemann

Data Engineer

Gwenlyn Tiedemann is a digital humanties expert and software engineer, specialising in research data management and digital art history. Especially data processing, modelling, visualisation, as well as virtual (reality) museums and 3D modelling. She studied Information Processing and Art History at the University of Cologne. There she also worked at the WiSo IT and Infrastructure, the Institute of Art History, the Institute of Musicology and the Cologne Center for eHumanities. In recent years, she was head of the information infrastructure project of the Collaborative Research Centre 1167 “Macht and Herrschaft – Premodern Configurations in a Transcultural Perspective” at the University of Bonn. Her work focuses on the digital preservation of cultural heritage. She has conducted numerous projects. Including the conception and implementation of a VR museum for the instrument museum of the Cologne Musicology and of a digital edition of letters from World War II. Moreover, she has developed platforms and apps for museums and cultural institutions.

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